How to Print with Galaxy Note 2

print with Galaxy Note 2

Recently, we received an email in Mailbag that asks about how to print with Galaxy Note 2. The message reads, “I need to print out some testimonies from company fan page for a presentation. I am trying to do this on my Samsung note 2 and cannot figure out how to do it. Any suggestions?”

The Galaxy Note 2 does not have a feature that will let you directly hook the device to a printer or to a network where your printer is connected. However there are a couple of ways to do this using certain apps.

Apps to Print with Galaxy Note 2

There are a couple of apps recommended by users. Among them are Cloud Print, Printer Share and Printbot. Even known brands like HP offers an app that will enable a user to print with Galaxy Note 2.

However, if you need a free app that is worth your time, the most recommended is Cloud Print. First, it comes for free. Second, the app has garnered an average of 4.6 stars from the 20,623 people who have downloaded and installed it. Third, its interface is very user-friendly. However, that does not mean that it is bug-free though. But if ever there are bugs in it, it is only minor and usually fixed by updating the version of the app regularly.

The only requirement for you to be able to use the apps mentioned is that your printer must be cloud ready. Connecting to a cloud storage may vary depending on the kind of printer that you are using. But you can usually find information on how to connect to cloud through its instruction manual.

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