NVIDIA Tegra Note video released

NVIDIA is showcasing the features of the NVIDIA Tegra Note in a new teaser video in an attempt to fuel excitement for the tablet.

NVIDIA Tegra Note
NVIDIA Tegra Note

The teaser video underscores the NVIDIA Tegra Note’s ultra-fast mobile processor, the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4. This processor, according to the manufacturer’s claim, makes the slate the fastest 7-inch tablet in the world.

It also draws attention to the NVIDIA DirectStylus, which is said to be up to three times faster than the styluses that come with other tablets. This stylus boasts of a special system that provides the better control. It demonstrates the DirectStylus in action as it is used in the creation of a digital artwork with both fine points and broad strokes. The same stylus also claims to give better handwriting results due to its precision and flexibility that is shown to be able to mimic the experience of taking notes using a real pen.

Meanwhile, the NVIDIA PureAudio is touted as having the richest sound as well as the widest frequency range among the tablets available today, promising an immersive sound experience.

Compared to more expensive tablets, the NVIDIA Tegra Note says that it is able to provide as much as 50% faster web browsing.

Another notable feature is tap-to-track, which ensures good photos as it automatically tracks, focuses, and decides on the proper exposure.

NVIDIA also reminds consumers of the name it has made for itself in the gaming industry due to its capability to provide top-quality graphics. The manufacturer promises to bring such knowledge to its tablets, and make the devices truly powerful in the graphics department. This makes the Tegra Note highly suitable for gaming, as demonstrated in the video. In particular, it highlights the games that work best with the device, as they are optimized for NVIDIA Tegra. Among these are Hamilton’s Great Adventure, and Chuck Challenge 3D.

Gamers will be happy to know that the Tegra Note also supports the use of a Bluetooth controller for a gaming experience that is likened to that delivered by a console.

Lastly, the video shows the optional Slide Cover, which protects the Tegra Note. This slide cover is capable of three ways of positioning the device to provide maximum comfort to the user.

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