Nova Launcher update introduces transparent status and navigation bars on Android 4.4+


Transparent navigation and status bars on the homescreen on Android 4.4 KitKat through Google’s new Google Experience Launcher have been well-received by almost everyone, and we’ve been waiting for third-party launchers to implement the same ever since the search giant unveiled the newest version of Android. Well, one of the most popular launchers, Nova Launcher, now has support for transparent bars on the homescreen.

The latest beta update of Nova Launcher introduces the option to have transparency in the status and navigation bar for users on Android 4.4, or any device that supports transparency, such as the Moto X, Galaxy S3, S4, Sony Xperia Z, and the HTC One (though this one requires root access). The update also brings other visual touches from Google’s 4.4 launcher, including the KitKat scroll indicator with small dots for homescreen pages, light background for folders, and even the new KitKat font. Most of these options aren’t enabled by default, but you can toggle them from the preferences for the launcher once you’ve upgraded to the beta.

For those with an aversion to the default stock Android launcher, the newest Nova Launcher beta should give them a KitKat-like launcher experience but with all the customization that third-party launchers make possible. To gain access to the beta, you’ll have to join Nova’s beta Google+ community, opt-in to the beta, then head to the Play Store to grab the update. Keep in mind that opting in to the beta means you’ll only get beta updates in the future, unless you uninstall the launcher completely, opt-out of beta, then re-install the standard version from the Play Store.