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Nokita company wants to buy Nokia; offer Android, Linux devices

A company called Nokita aims to beat Microsoft into purchasing Nokia. The company revealed this in a three-minute video which divulges what it plans to do in case its bid proves successful. Among these plans are to eventually create devices that are based on Android, Linux, and Windows Phone.


Narrating the company’s background is J. Parda, a man who reveals himself to be once part of the Nokia team. His company, Nokita, is based in Finland, and thus claims to be especially passionate about making Nokia a great company again.

Parda estimates that in three years, Nokia will have a value of 23 billion Euros, if it sells companies based on the three aforementioned operating systems. However, he points out that Microsoft’s offer to buy the company is only 5.44 billion Euros. Nokita’s solution is to offer a higher bid than Microsoft to gain control of Nokia.

It is no accident that the company’s name is Nokita. Apart from being very similar to Nokia, Parda says that the word in Finnish also means “to bet higher” or “to bid higher,” which is especially apt, in light of what they are trying to do.

Nokita, says Parda, already has a team in place in case it is able to buy Nokia in the future. It is also planning to hold a massive event to launch the new company.

Nokita’s goals are summarized into three words: fun, beneficial, and safe. They will attempt to have the best game cluster, educational cluster, and IT cluster in its home country.

Even before Nokita surfaced, many had been speculating where Nokia would have found itself today if it chose to use Android instead of Windows Phone on its devices, a point made by Greg Anderson of Arctic Startup.

Anderson notes that Nokita needs to raise around 8 billion Euros before November 19th, which is the date when Nokia will finalize everything.

Meanwhile, Jolla, another Finland-based company, is in a similar attempt to help Finland regain its footing in the mobile phone wars. However, Jolla chooses a different means, which is to offer its own operating system.

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