The Nexus 5 gets a fully functional version of KnockOn via custom kernel

Nexus 5

The LG Nexus 5 has just received the KnockOn feature from the LG G2 smartphone (known here as KnockKnock), albeit with a bit of tweaking and modding involved with the kernels. To give you a basic background of this feature, KnockOn basically lets you unlock or lock the smartphone with a simple double tap on the display.

This new custom hack for the Nexus 5 requires an unlocked bootloader and a rooted device, which isn’t a problem thanks to the many one click root applications available out there. But there’s one shortcoming with this new tweak, in that it’s only capable of unlocking a locked device and not locking it, as it still requires the user to press the power button. But this is a start and we can hope to have further improvements being made in the coming days.

There have been tweaks like this in the past, but those were either nonfunctional or severely buggy, so it’s good to have something which works for the time being. Watch the video below for a quick demo of this new feature. And head over to the XDA link to get this feature on your Nexus 5.

Source: XDA

Via: Android Community