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Nexus 5 found easy to repair and put back together in iFixit teardown


Any time a new flagship device launches, you can be sure the folks over at iFixit won’t be far away with the necessary set of tools to open up that device and lay bare its internals for all to see. Few devices have been as anticipated (and leaked) as Google’s recently launched Nexus 5, and now we can take a look at what makes the device tick in iFixit’s teardown.

Thanks to minimal use of glue, and a modular design that allows easy replacement of individual components, the Nexus 5 scored an 8 out of 10 in repairability. The device is easy to open up and put back together, with even the non-removable battery found to be easy to take out and repair, once you unscrew the standardized screws used on the device.

The display is where the Nexus 5 presents problems. The glass and 1080p display underneath are fused to the display frame; drop the Nexus 5 on its face and crack that glass, and you’ll have a hard time getting it fixed. Overall, however, repairing Google’s latest flagship should be a walk in park, which only adds to the already impressive value the device offers for $349.

Source: iFixit

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