New update to the Ouya console will bring a revamped UI


The Android based gaming consoleOuya, has been widely popular among gamers for its simplistic approach towards conventional consoles. And this gaming console will soon receive an update which will reportedly change the default interface completely. The UI of the console has been somewhat criticized for its layout and presentation of titles, but that will be replaced by the new and detailed layout shown in the screenshot above. Noticeably, the developers have given more emphasis on the cover art of the titles with the font remaining consistent as well.

This update is not just cosmetic as it will allow users to queue up downloads from the web or other devices so that the game is downloaded automatically when the user boots up the console. The console will also get USB storage support with this new update. So it’s quite clear that Ouya has all its bases covered, which is reassuring for the users. The company reportedly hired a new designer to spice up the UI of the Ouya console and it appears to have done the trick.

Via: Engadget