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New Google Glass Update Being Rolled Out, Includes Improvements

It’s that time again. Google’s habit of pushing out a new Google Glass update to users of the Explorer Edition hasn’t failed yet. Today, we get both improvements to calendar events and directions.

Let’s start with the calendar improvements, shall we? So a new voice command, “OK Glass, google my agenda” is now available. When you say that or even something like “OK Glass, what am I doing in November?” will give you the same results. When you ask for your agenda, you get your upcoming events.



So there’s also some navigational improvements as well. So now you can say “OK Glass, get directions to home” or “OK Glass, get directions to work” to quickly get directions to those places.

But be careful if you’re driving, as last week someone received a ticket for driving with Google Glass on. Of course, the original source of getting the ticket was for speeding.



All in all, this seems like a really great update to Google Glass this month. Hopefully these features make it to the final production version, but that chance is probably extremely high. So if you’ve got Google Glass (first of all, lucky you), go ahead and get this month’s update.

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