Linuxium’s Bootloader Lets You Boot Android Or Linux On RK3188 Devices

A bootloader software allows a person to choose what happens when a device is turned on. Linuxium is one such software that works on RK3188 Devices making it easier to boot between Linux and Android. If you need a certain app that’s only available in Android then you can easily switch to it. The same can be said with Linux.

Developer Ian Morrison created this bootloader focusing more on the flexibility in running Android and Linux from either NAND or SD card. This GRUB-like tool checks first the available operating systems and gives the user options every time the device is booted up. If the device has a microSD that has Linux installed then the software will give you the option to boot Linux from the card or install Linux to the internal storage of the device. It also does the same thing for Android.

If Android or Linux is already installed in the internal memory of the device also Linuxium allow users to boot from it, remove it, or save it to the microSD card.

The latest version of Linuxium has the following features

Check if there is an SD card with Linux and then offer to:

  • Boot Linux from SD card or
  • Install Linux to NAND

Check if there is an SD card with Android and then offer to:

  • Boot Android from SD Card or
  • Install Android to NAND

Check if Linux is installed on NAND and then offer to:

  • Boot Linux from NAND or
  • Remove Linux from NAND or
  • Save Linux to SD card

Check if Android is installed on NAND and then offer to:

  • Boot Android from NAND or
  • Remove Android from NAND or
  • Save Android to SD card

Those who own devices such as the Rikomagic MK802 IV or Tronsmart T428 will now find it much easier to switch between different operating systems. This extends the features of a device since it will now have access to a wider choice of apps.

While everything seems easy enough setting up the bootloader on your device requires some technical knowledge. The procedure is listed on Morrison’s Google+ page and should be performed carefully otherwise you will end up with a device that won’t boot.

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