LG Nexus 4 Problem in Contacts After 4.3 Update

nexus 4 problem

Recently, we received an email from an LG Nexus 4 user which reads, “I have LG Nexus 4. Since the Android 4.3 update, my Contacts are no longer running, so I am unable to add new contacts or access previous contacts. Whenever I try to do it, it comes back as “contact not existing”. The phone number and names are still listed but no contact information is available. The phone has not been rooted or modified in any way. Is there a way to fix this?”

About the LG Nexus 4 Problem After the Update

According to a forum in Google, the recent update has a lot of randomly popping up problems. What is stated here is just one of them. Based on other users, the problems range from sudden loss of network signal, calls getting dropped, blacking out screen, infinite loops and more.

Possible Solutions to the LG Nexus 4 Problem After Updating

It is a must for users who just updated their OS version to perform a Hard Reset or a Factory Reset immediately. This will remove the remnants of the old version and totally refresh the system of the phone. Make sure that you have backed up all your data though before doing this because this will totally wipe out all your important files.

If that does not work, wait for an update that contains a fix for the bugs of the OS version you are running. The 4.4 update is already going around in the online community, it might be worth a try.

If no update is available yet, the last option would be to install a custom ROM. However, that involves rooting and flashing the ROM which is risky if not done properly, and among them is bricking the phone. So, make sure that you have done your research about the process before doing it.

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Source: Google Groups