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LG apparently wanted the Nexus 5 to be known as the Nexus G

Nexus 5

It’s been well documented that the Nexus 5 went through a lot of changes during development. And one such interesting tidbit has now surfaced courtesy of a Korean source. According to Chosun, LG originally asked Google to name the new Nexus smartphone the Nexus G instead of the Nexus 5. As we all know, the LG has ridden on the success of its G series of smartphones for more than an year now (Optimus G, G Pro and the LG G2), so it made sense for LG to go with the Nexus G name. But Google apparently didn’t oblige and went on with the Nexus 5 moniker.

LG’s request was very justified as two of Samsung’s Nexus devices were called the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus, which are both part of the Galaxy S flagship, but Google clearly had other plans. LG however wouldn’t worry too much about this, as the Nexus brand is now synonymous with LG.

Source: Chosun (Translated)

Via: Talk Android

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