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Launch of Recon Jet postponed due to last minute design change

Recon Jet

With Google Glass being the only popular HUD in the market right now, a company called Recon decided to launch its own wearable device with the Recon Jet. This Google Glass like gadget was supposed to launch later in December this year with a price tag of $499, but it seems like the company won’t be able to live up to its word. According to the CEO and co founder of the company, Dan Eisenhardt, the device needs some last minute design changes which are crucial for the device. This means that the launch of the Recon Jet has been postponed indefinitely, which is quite disappointing for users who pre-ordered the gadget. The delay is only mentioned as a few months, which could mean March-April next year or even more.

It’s a little disappointing hearing this news as the makers were offering an affordable (and a slightly different looking) alternative to Google Glass. The Explorer edition of Glass costs around $1,500, so the Recon Jet pretty much sounds a steal at $500.

Source: Recon

Via: Android Central

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