Judge Denies Motion to Stay in Samsung vs Apple Trial

Samsung vs Apple Trial

Here is another story in the epic Samsung vs Apple Trial which centers on a bunch of patent infringement suits filed by both parties against each other.

After the federal judge vacated around $450 million of the original award of Apple in order to give way for a new trial that aims to reassess the damages caused by the infringement of Samsung of the patents owned by the Cupertino-based company, the giant Korean firm has filed a motion to stay on Wednesday.

Samsung’s Arguments

In CNET’s report, Samsung’s reason for filing the motion is due to the fact that the US Patent Office is currently questioning the validity of the “pinch to zoom” patent of Apple. According to the motion, the decision of the patent office has the tendency to damage the jury’s findings in the damages trial. It added that it would also render all post-trial proceedings a waste of time and resources.

The “pinch to zoom” feature of Apple, with patent number 7,844,915, involves using two fingers to zoom in or out of an image using a pinching motion or its reverse.

The Court Decision

Unfortunately for Samsung, Judge Lucy Koh denied its motion. Her reason for denying Samsung’s motion is to allow judgment to be rendered without further delay so the Federal Circuit can review the matter once it is presented to its level.

Comments from Both Parties

The source asked for the comment of both parties involved in the case. But Apple and Samsung has not provided them their official statement to date.

What is Motion to Stay

Based on the legal definition provided by TheFreeDictionary, a “motion to stay” is an action that requests for the temporary stoppage of a judicial proceeding through the court’s order. This is granted by the judge if it is necessary in securing the rights of a party in the case.

Sources: CNET and TheFreeDictionary

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