Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Offers 6 Exciting Android Games

Humble Bundle is currently offering the Humble Mobile Bundle 3 which has 6 games compatible with Android devices. The best part of this is that you get to decide how much you want to pay and how your payment is going to be distributed. You can divide it any way you want among the developers and the charities.  If you pay more than the current average price of $4.77 you get access to two locked games with more coming next week.

Humble Mobile Bundle 3

The games you can access by paying any amount are EPOCH, rymdkapsel, SpellTower, and Swordigo (new to Android). Paying more than the average gives you access to two additional games namely Ridiculous Fishing (new to Android), and Kingdom Rush.


You get to control a robot through an apocalyptic wasteland headed to what appears to be the very last outpost of humans to protect them. Along the way you will have to battle similar robots and scavenge whatever parts you can get from them once you defeat them. The game is made up of a huge single multiplayer campaign that will definitely keep you entertained for hours.


This is a minimalistic strategy game that lets you build a base in space. You get to assign tasks to two-pixel minions and expand the space station as far as possible.


For those looking for a great word game then SpellTower might just be what you are looking for. The game lets you find words among a grid of lettered tiles. What makes this game unique is that it injects elements from gem-matching games. This means that if you find a word those tiles disappear causing the tiles on top to drop down. This allows the board to constantly change making playing the game a challenge.


This title is making its Android debut over at Humble Bundle. This hack and slash game goes back to the basics and is similar classic games of the same genre. You get to play the part of a hero as you go in several quests defeating beasts with your sword and magic.

Ridiculous Fishing

This is another title making its Android debut. The game lets you cast your line into the water and control it by tilting your device. Your goal is to go as deep as possible avoiding all obstacles. If your line touches an obstacle then you will start reeling your line. In this case you will have to tilt your device to collect as many fish as possible.

Kingdom Rush

This is an action fantasy game that places a twist on tower defense. You still get to place towers to stop the waves of enemies however you can now place “Barracks” towers. This type of tower houses footmen which you can deploy on the field to slow down the enemies.

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