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HTML5 apps of Nokia Music launching on Android and iOS

Nokia Music

Like Microsoft, Nokia too realizes that its reach is currently limited to just one platform and is hence looking to expand into iOS and Android territory if a new report from China is to be believed. This report from states that the Finnish manufacturer will launch Nokia Music on Android and iOS as HTML5 apps to build popularity of what is undoubtedly one of the best music services available. Since Nokia Music’s reach is currently limited only to Nokia Windows Phones, it makes sense for the Finns to share the joy with Android and iOS users as well.

There’s no ETA for the arrival of these apps, but we think it should be out relatively soon. However, there’s no confirmation coming from Nokia or Microsoft, so we will wait till we have more from Nokia.

Nokia Music basically allows users to stream audio right within the app in addition to playing music that’s on the device. However, since Nokia will only launch an HTML5 app, most of the functionality could be missing.

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