How addicted are we to our cellphones? [Video]

Cellphone Addiction

Cellphone addiction isn’t a new fad, it’s been going on for quite some time now. The more information people have in their fingertips, the more they get drawn towards it. So much so that they tend to forget social conventions or standard mannerisms which are considered polite or in a sense, normal.

We see innumerable people around us using their cellphone almost every 10 minutes and this includes even when they’re having a conversation with their friends or colleagues. Now one might call this normal since everybody else is doing it, but have we changed so much over the last few years?

Echoing this very sentiment is a short film made by Charlene deGuzman who also stars in the film as the sole protagonist, surrounded by people who are way too involved with their cellphones. This short film called I Forgot My Phone, has been trending worldwide and has over 20 million plus views on YouTube. The video strikes a chord with the current generation and tells us how far we’ve come in terms of social behavior and how much of a part cellphones play in our lives. This short film is only two minutes and is well worth your time just as you get yourself in the weekend spirit.

Source: YouTube

Via: NPR

Image credit: Gary Houlder, Taxi Photo

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