Google working on camera features like RAW support, burst mode, and more for Android


Google has always equipped Nexus devices with underwhelming cameras – image quality has mostly been rather average (my Nokia N79 from 2008 had image quality as good as my Nexus 4’s), while the pure Android camera app also lacks most of the useful add-on features that have become so common on manufacturer skins. However, according to a few snippets of code found inside the Android source code, Google might be looking to change that.

Discovered by Ars Technica, the code was initially added in December last year, but was pulled by Google in early October, with the reason given that the features were not yet ready. The code reveals that Google is looking to add support for RAW images to the Android camera (something only Nokia’s Lumia devices are capable of at the moment), a fact that would make serious photographers quite happy. Also included in the code are features like face detection, a burst mode, and even support for a removable camera (possibly for camera modules like Sony’s QX100 and QX10, and maybe even official support for connecting DSLRs and other dedicated cameras).

However, there’s no telling when these improvements and new features will make it into the OS and be made available to users. The Nexus 5 does feature a respectable camera compared to previous Nexus devices, and here’s hoping Google is able to make the camera experience on Nexus devices and stock Android even better as soon as possible, ideally through a software update (Android 4.5 or 5.0) instead of making us wait a year for the next Nexus smartphone to arrive.

Via: Ars Technica | Source: Google

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