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Google Wallet Update Adds Tap & Pay To All KitKat Devices

Google Wallet

KitKat users really are lucky. Today, all users of both smartphones and tablets can use this new Google Wallet update for Tap & Pay. Even devices that are on unofficial KitKat ROMS can use Tap & Pay.





Tap & Pay was formerly exclusive to the Nexus 5. Tap & Pay lets you, of course, tap an NFC-enabled device and pay for something you are buying with your phone. But over time, it could potentially allow for your phone being a hotel room key. When you check into a hotel, Google Wallet could give you a special code so you can get into only your room. You could wave it over the lock and enter the door.

Besides a Tap & Pay expansion, the new update also makes the app aware of the existence of the new physical Wallet card that was introduced yesterday. At the moment, the app just shows the shipping progress of the card, but when you receive your card, it should do something else.



Of course, this is once again a staged rollout. But if you want the APK now, you can download it here. This update works on all devices with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or above. But if you are on KitKat by official or unofficial means, you get Tap & Pay. So those of you on KitKat, are you happy that you now have access to a formerly exclusive feature of the Nexus 5?

Source: AndroidPolice

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