Google Play Store on tablets now gives precedence to tablet specific apps

Tablet Apps Play StoreGoogle has introduced deeper optimization of the Play Store with tablets. The Play Store on tablets will now highlight tablet specific apps by default, thus saving users from downloading bloated up versions of smartphone apps. This doesn’t mean that those smartphone apps have completely disappeared from the tablet Play Store. It’s just that Google has highlighted the tablet apps more so that users don’t get confused.

Google is basically allowing developers to launch tablet specific apps along with smartphone apps, and ones with a Designed for tablets specificity will get more attention from tablet users. This is something Google should have done long back, but as they say, it’s better late than never. This brings the Play Store on tablets somewhat on par with the iOS AppStore, which lists tablet specific apps in a separate category on iPads.

Developers have always been keen on working with iOS rather than Android due to lack of proper support, but this could make things slightly easier on Android developers.

Source: Android Developers – Google+

Via: Android Guys