Google Play Store Download Unsuccessful Error On Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the problems a Samsung Galaxy S4 owner could encounter is the “Download Unsuccessful” error that could happen when he / she is trying to download an application from the Play Store. While the error message is obviously speaking about an unsuccessful download, there are times when users would have to look a little further than that. There are a lot of reasons why a download process isn’t successful and those are the things that I want to point out in this post.

Possible Causes

  • There is not enough memory / storage available on the phone.
  • Phone has problems communicating with the memory card.
  • Google Play Store has a temporary issue.
  • There is a problem with the internet.
  • A third-party app interferes with the download process.


The Google Play Store Download Unsuccessful error is not really a major problem, it can be solved by simple troubleshooting procedures. The fact is, it is just a simple problem with the app store and based on the possible causes listed above, here are the things you could do to fix the problem:

Step 1: Make sure there is enough storage left on your phone. Your phone may have ran out of storage without you knowing about it. This is a very common issue with owners of 16GB variant because the Galaxy S4 uses almost half of its internal storage for its features and operating system. If you’ve been downloading a lot of apps before, then there is a high possibility that there is not enough storage left on your phone for new apps.

There are a lot of ways to manage your phone’s storage; you can transfer some of your apps to your microSD card, uninstall unnecessary apps and unused games, delete videos that you already watched, etc. The point is, this problem could be solved by simple memory management. Manage your apps and files that this problem won’t trouble you again.

Step 2: Make sure your memory card still works. If this error pops up due to lack of storage, it would surely bug you when your memory card was corrupted, defective or keeps on unmounting. Over time, the quality of your phone’s memory card deteriorate and it’s just a matter of time before this problem occurs. For this, the best way to address it is to buy a new memory card, there is no point in troubleshooting a problem that would surely recur every now and then.

Step 3: Check Google Play Store’s status. One way to do that is by downloading apps that are smaller in size. If you could do that just fine, then problem could be in that specific app you’re trying to download. However, if you can’t download an app no matter what you do, it’s Google’s servers that have problems. But it’s certain their servers would be back online in no time so you just have to wait.

Step 4: Check your internet connection. Having an unstable internet connection could also lead to this problem. So if you’re using either the mobile data or WiFi, you must check if you can connect to the internet by launching the browser and try to navigate to some websites. If you can do that just fine, at least you know your internet connection is not the problem. So, you can proceed to troubleshooting the Play Store.

Step 5: Kill apps that interfere. Sometimes conflict form between apps and it is during this time that problems occur but the problem is that it is very difficult to pinpoint which app is causing it.  The best thing to do is to boot the phone to Safe Mode to prevent all third-party applications from running. If you can download successfully when in this mode, then there is an app that interferes with the download process and that’s what you’re going to find and disable or uninstall.

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