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Google Opinion Rewards App that Offers Play Store for Surveys Now Available

Interested in earning a few points to download or buy stuff from Google Play Store?  If you are interested and have a Google account or use Google Wallet, you can download Google’s new Opinion Rewards app that will reward you with Google Play Store credits just by expressing your opinion by taking simple surveys.  This app, Google says, would alert you when there is a survey or question you are eligible to answer via a notification on the device you are using.

Google OpinionRewards

Google Opinion Rewards was created by Google Consumer Surveys, the same team that has always come up with very simple surveys in the past.  Google says that the app will alert you on new surveys to answer in the notification bar ‘about once a week’, so if you were looking forward to keeping busy with surveys you better find something else.

Each survey this app brings will be at most 10 questions and will take a few minutes to complete.  The application itself is simple and most questions, it appears, will be YES/NO and multiple choices and can be on any topic – from politics to technology.  However, the app states that not all the surveys available are eligible for rewards, so it is unclear which ones offer points, how much and who are eligible to answer the surveys.  At the moment, only users in the US are eligible to use Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards

A hardcore Android fan would find the Google Play Store points useful because they can save money, even if little, that would go to buying apps among other uses.  The surveys should take no more than 2 minutes, so if you want to give it a try, download the app here.

Source: Play Store via Droid Life

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