Google offering physical Google Wallet cards for users

Google Wallet Card

Exactly a year ago, we started coming across rumors about Google looking to launch a physical Google Wallet debit card. And the wait ends today as Google has finally made this card available for interested customers, who will have to sign up with their credentials to receive their very own Wallet debit card. This works as a regular debit card and can be used at any place where MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted. Users will have to load up balance on their Wallet account prior to taking it out and will get to spend only that amount, so it’s basically a debit card, but made by Google. Users can even draw money off the ATMs like they would with a regular card, which is quite neat for something like this.

Google is currently taking around 10-12 days to ship these cards to users, which is understandable since the project is still in its infancy. Plenty of users have already signed up for the account as evident from various forum posts. Google didn’t fail to mention the benefits of the Wallet card in its official page:

  • Spend anywhere. Use your Wallet Balance to shop and pay in stores at millions of MasterCard® locations.
  • Get cash at ATMs. Withdraw money from your Wallet Balance at ATMs. Some ATM providers may charge you a fee for cash withdrawals.
  • Receive instant notifications when you spend money. Get instant notifications right on your phone to help you keep tabs on all of your transactions.
  • Be free of annual or monthly fees. You can order the Google Wallet Card for free, and there are no annual or monthly service fees to use the card.

Head over to the link below to sign up for a card.

Source: Google

Via: 9 to 5 Google