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Google Now getting exciting new features on November 13

Google Now

According to a report from Wired, Google Now will get a face lift next week on November 13. This new Google Now will apparently include the addition of a couple of new features as well. Although we don’t doubt the credibility of this report, we’re a little surprised by the timing as Google could have easily launched these under the hood features with Android 4.4 and the Nexus 5 earlier last week.

So what’s exactly new with Google Now? Well for starters, the search engine/personal assistant will now apparently start giving back responses for your queries much like Siri. Perhaps not as descriptively as the latter, but in a way the user can easily communicate just through voice. For example if you have multiple contacts with the same name and you ask Google Now to call them, it will now respond back by asking which person you want it to call or text, followed by your dictation of the text or the name if necessary.

Other features include improved location settings and easier communication with the service to book a table at a local restaurant right within the app (For ex: OpenTable). We are pretty excited to have these features debut next week and it will probably make its way through an update to the Google Search app. We’ll speak more in detail about these features when Google officially rolls it out next week.

Source: Wired

Via: Talk Android

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