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Google Glass Getting Music Support In Two Weeks, Along With Earbuds


We’ve actually seen a couple of leaks of this before, hidden in the code of the update files for Glass. This is a really nice feature and it’s nice you can control and listen to your music without pulling out your phone.

So with last week’s Google Glass EX11 update, some clever people sideloaded and installed the Play Music APK onto Glass successfully. Besides playing music you have uploaded or bought from Google Play, All Access Music works as well. That’s great that you can easily listen to your own music and Google’s streaming selection.

What we don’t know if the music is coming from the phone itself or is being streamed through the Internet, which would really decrease the battery life. But when this feature is rolled out, hopefully Google details how this works.

But Google also has a solution for listening to your music without making everyone around you hear it. The new Google Glass v2 model has a mono earbud, but that’s a terrible music experience. So now Google is going to be offering stereo earbuds.

Google actually unveiled this in a video they uploaded last week, but it went live yesterday. It’s embedded for below. Producer Young Guru has Glass and after ordering a meal in Spanish (thanks to translation in Glass) uses Glass to find out what song is being played in the restaurant and then plays it.

So we can see multiple earbud colors, which is good for personalization. We don’t know the cost of the earbuds, but the New York Times says the features will roll out on Tuesday (next week) and the earbuds will be available for $85. That’s expensive, especially after you have already paid $1500 for Glass.

However, hopefully when Glass comes out, we’ll be able to use our own earbuds or headphones, that way we came keep using the headphones we like. So Glass users, enjoy the update.

Source: AndroidCentral, NYTimes, Google Glass YouTube

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