Geeksphone Revolution Smartphone Can Run Android, Firefox OS

There are only a few devices available in the market with the ability to boot between two different operating systems. The advantage of this is that users can get the best of both worlds by just changing the OS of their device. Geeksphone, a Spanish company that brought the first Firefox OS device, has just teased the Geeksphone Revolution smartphone which can run on wither the Android or Firefox OS.

Little is still known about this device as the company did not reveal much on its website. What is known though is that this will be a high end smartphone. The only announcement made is that “The revolution is coming. Stay tuned” As well as “A creation with a powerful heart.

The Geeksphone Revolution is going to be a premium device using a powerful processor. This model will be powerful than the company’s low-end Keon or mid-range Peak.

Company co-founder Javier Agüera said that “Once again we will revolutionize the world of mobile network. We are also confident that we will surprise everyone by its very high performance and it’s very competitively priced”.

Customers will be able to choose which operating system will be running on their device when they place an order. Agüera further added that “The intention was to launch on Android, but given the experience Geeksphone gained in Open Web [phones] they have decided to give the users the option to choose between either system.” If the device is running on Android then the Firefox OS ROM can be installed later on. Both systems cannot run together at the same time.

Technically speaking the Revolution is not a Firefox OS device as it uses the Boot2Gecko software of Mozilla. The two software are the same but the labels are different. The company explained that “Firefox OS is a brand currently not available for independent manufacturers not associated with carriers. Geeksphone will work with Mozilla once this option is made available.”

In other related news customers who ordered the upcoming Peak+ will get the Revolution free of charge. The company planned the Peak+ to be the successor of its mid-range Peak device however had to cancel it due to unforeseen circumstances.

An explanation made by the company through their blog is as follows.

“The Peak+ project started in May as an evolution of the Peak, which had garnered much success. We wanted to make a new device aimed to be a new evolution of our Peak model, improving it thanks to your feedback, but maintaining continuity in terms of quality and philosophy.”

“Unfortunately, during the month of August 2013, very serious problems arose in the components’ supply chain in Asia that have been impossible to avoid.”

“Although we expected a complex situation, the reality exceeded the worst scenario. This was compounded by the decline and cessation of activity (in domino effect) of numerous suppliers and other independent OEMs.”

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