GameStick Release Date Pushed Back To November 15

Popular Kickstarter funded project GameStick will once again have a delayed release date which PlayJam announced will be on November 15. This portable Android gaming console was supposed to be released last September 30, but was later delayed to October 29. This new release date will place it in the same time as Sony’s PlayStation 4 release date.

PlayJam chief marketing officer Anthony Johnson said that “The date was pushed back to the 15th for no other reason than production and logistics delays. GameStop’s shipment landed in Texas this morning awaiting customs clearance so it is well on its way.”

Early Kickstarter backers who were able to get their units late August gave the device mixed reviews. One of the main concerns is that the device seems to be beset by several bugs and this is evident when playing games. Users experienced constant freezes or reboots when playing games. PlayJam has provided several solutions on the issues that consumers are facing with the device

Common issues of the GameStick

Inability / difficulty in connecting to Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi dropping / no internet

GameStick uses a combined Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module that uses a single chip antenna. Users will experience interference when the GameStick is in close proximity to other Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

  • Reboot your router.
  • Ensure that GameStick is connected to the Internet and that the Wi-Fi signal strength (shown in the settings menu) is at least 3 bars.
  • Remove other Bluetooth or Wi-Fi devices from immediate proximity.
  • Use the HDMI extender cable supplied with GameStick. This may allow GameStick to pick up a stronger Wi-Fi signal and so reduce the risk of the Internet connection being dropped.

UI Sticks on “Searching For Updates”

  • Issue already resolved

Reports of GameStick running hot

  • Under normal use, the average external temperature of GameStick will be between 40°c and 56°c. This will feel warm and at times hot to the touch.

Registered Users unable to complete online stick activation.

  • Issue already resolved

Box Seals Open

  • Several users have reported that the package they received had the seals open. This is due to the seals used simply not strong enough.

GameStick Technical Specifications

  • Powered by Android
  • MALI – 400 GPU
  • Onboard Storage 8GB
  • 32GB Micro SD Card Support
  • Built in 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
  • 1080p Video Playback
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 1 x Micro USB Port (Stick)
  • 1 x Micro USB Port (Controller)
  • Bluetooth® HID Android Compatible Controller
  • Full Parental Control with Content Filters

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