Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems in Sending Videos Using SMS and Auto-Rotate Function

galaxy s4 problems

Recently we received a message through Mailbag with the following issues related to the Samsung Galaxy S4:

1. I can’t send videos via text message at all. The phone tells me I need WiFi etc. But when I go home and I connect my device to WiFi, the same message appears.

2.) My phone will no longer turn sideways when I am watching a video so I have to manually go in and rotate it. The same happens when I’m playing any app. For example in Papijump, the ball stays in one spot. When I move my phone it stays in the same spot. This is true for all my apps not just one.


If you happened to be experiencing these Galaxy S4 problems, here are the possible solutions to address them:

Problem 1 Solution

The problem in sending a video via SMS seems to be an issue to many Samsung Galaxy S4 users. Some of them notably blame it with the recent Android version upgrade. But this seems to be a random issue since not everyone who installed the update is experiencing it.

According to a user who reported the issue to the Level 2 Tech support of Verizon, there seems to be a limitation in the file size allowed when sending a video through SMS. So, a way to solve this predicament is by lowering the resolution of the video.

Problem 2 Solution

The most likely cause of the second problem lies in the configuration of the auto-rotate and gyroscopic calibration of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Our article last month already tackled the Samsung Galaxy S4 auto-rotate problem. Read the previous article to know the various ways to fix it.

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Source: Verizon Wireless

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