Foxconn will start manufacturing devices in the U.S.


Foxconn makes smartphones and tablets for major manufacturers like Google, Motorola, ASUS, Amazon, Sony, Apple and many others. While most of its manufacturing takes place in China, the company has several manufacturing plants set up across the world. And according to a new report, the company might be looking to expand its reach to the good ol’ U.S.A.

The President and Chairman of Foxconn, Terry Gou is believed to have spoken to the Governor of Arizona, Janice Brewe to invest in a plant in the region. However, newer reports claim that Foxconn will be investing $30 million for a manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. So we’re not sure if the company will look to invest in the Arizona plant as well. But it shouldn’t hurt to have two manufacturing units in the U.S. as American customers would love to have their smartphones made in the U.S.

This move makes sense considering the increasing labor rates in China, which was long considered an ideal place for the outsourcing of manufacturing. Foxconn claims that smartphones made in the U.S. might take another two years to reach local markets as the idea is still in its infancy.

Source: Slash Gear, Apple Insider Forums

Via: Android Beat

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