Fixing “Unfortunately Google Play has Stopped Working” Error Message

Unfortunately Google Play has Stopped Working

We have already touched the possible solutions to the “Unfortunately Google Play has Stopped Working” error message in the following articles:

However, we received another message from a Galaxy S4 message that is related to this problem. The message goes like this:

“Good day! I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4. It all started few days after my arrival on Gough Island. On the island, there are no cellphone networks except WiFi. It keeps on popping a message on the screen saying “Unfortunately Google Play has Stopped Working” and would freeze for some time. As a result, I can’t update my applications like WhatsApp.”

Additional Solutions to the “Unfortunately Google Play has Stopped Working” Problem

Based on the details provided in the Mailbag email, the most likely cause of the issue is the lack of cellular network in the area. Then, it seems like the phone is only dependent in its carrier for Internet access or its primary connection for Internet is configured with the carrier.

The most probable fix for this particular problem is through disabling the mobile data services of the Galaxy S4.

Here are the steps to disable mobile data:

1. From the Home screen, pull down the notification tray.

2. Select Settings.

3. Go to Data Usage.

4. Swipe your finger through the switch beside Mobile Data to turn it off.

Doing these steps will only let you use WiFi when updating apps. If this fails to work, try the solutions stated in the abovementioned article links.

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