How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Copy-Paste Bug

samsung galaxy note 2 copy paste problem

There is a random bug that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 users encounter when copy-pasting texts. Some users shared to us that during the copy-pasting process or after doing it repeatedly, their phone crash.

It should be noted that this is not only limited to the Galaxy Note 2. According to Android forums in various websites like XDA Developers and Android Central, this affects not only the Galaxy Note 2, since this randomly occurs in devices running in TouchWiz and the Android 3.0 OS. Thus, this supports our theory that this is due to a software limitation on the part of the phone. Another reason is due to the excessive amount of texts being copied.

Possible Solutions to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Problem During Copy-Paste Process

Here are the solutions that you can use to avoid this problem:

1. Clear the Clipboard

A simple solution for this is to clear your clipboard. However, there are reports that there is also a bug associated with this step because the files simply remain in the clipboard even hitting Clear.

2. Use a File Manager

If you cannot perform the first solution because your phone does not have such option that will let you clear your clipboard, root your device and install a file manager. Be reminded though that rooting is a risky process if not done properly because it might brick your smartphone. So, be sure to do your research properly before trying this out.

3. Avoid Copy-Pasting

If you are really bothered by this problem, why don’t you just disable the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 copy-paste feature? All you have to do is set the /data/clipboard folder of your device to Read Only. This will no longer allow you to copy-paste anything but this will also save you from all the hassles brought about by a randomly crashing phone.

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  1. Regarding Copy & Paste on Samsung Note, what do you think about Copy & Paste between multiple devices, like a computer running Windows and you smartphone or tablet? How do you manage this? Email yourself, Dropbox, Evernote? Thank you for your responses.

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