Can Apps be Moved to the Galaxy Note 2 SD Card

galaxy note 2

Some Galaxy Note 2 users are asking if there is a way to move their apps to their SD card. After researching about the matter, I found out that it is not possible without a rooted device.

But if you are comfortable with rooting your phone and voiding your warranty in the process, all you have to do is download apps that will let you do it like Super App2SD, Move2SD, and others. Many said it worked for them. However, some users in the Android Central forum mentioned that the apps do not work in Galaxy Note 2 devices running above Android 4.0 Jelly Bean.

According to rumors, Google did this intentionally after Android 4.0. If it’s true, it’s a wild guess why Google did this. There is no official statement on why they decided to do it but it is speculated that this may be a way to force their users to utilize their Cloud storage, but honestly, it really beats me.

Another way to possibly do this is by tampering with the code of the operating system itself, if you have the programming skills. All you have to do is mount the SD card’s partition as part of the internal storage to “fool” the Smartphone into thinking that it is a part of it.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried this procedure due to its complexity and my lack of programming skills. But this is one plausible solution that enthusiastic Galaxy Note 2 owners should look at.

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Source: Android Central Forum