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ASUS already in talks for the production of the 2014 Nexus 7

ASUS Nexus 7

The two iterations of the Nexus 7  tablet have been manufactured by ASUS and have been widely successful across the board. The current Nexus 7 in particular has been selling off the shelves pretty quickly thanks to Google partnering with a bunch of third party retailers worldwide. ASUS is now believed to be in talks with Google for the production of a third Nexus 7. ASUS believes that getting a third Nexus tablet in line would increase its tablet marketshare by over 7% thus bringing its tally to 13%. Of course, none of this is confirmed as of now, but we don’t see any reason for Google to not pick ASUS as the manufacturer of the 2014 Nexus 7.

The company hasn’t had a good Q3 this year as it reported substantially lesser income compared to the same period last year due to a large tax expense of over $52 million. This led to the company’s profits dropping by over 26%. The company will reportedly launch a wearable device next year along with a new lineup of smartphones, although the officials refused to disclose any further details. But it’s clear that we’ll see a lot more of ASUS in 2014 than we do now.

Source: Taipei Times

Via: Android Community

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