Apex Launcher 2.2 gets the all new Android 4.4 interface

Apex Launcher 2.2

Custom Android launchers are in abundance today and the reason they’re so popular is because they offer a completely refreshed look and feel, without necessarily going through the hoops of upgrading or flashing a custom ROM. One such launcher is Apex Launcher, which has just received the Android 4.4 based launcher, complete with transparent status bar and other UI goodies. Users interested in getting the Google Experience launcher to make it a complete Nexus 5 like experience can sideload the required files manually (links below).

We recently saw Nova Launcher getting an Android 4.4 themed revamp, so it’s good to see Apex Launcher following suit. However, the new Apex Launcher is an invite only Beta program, but we expect it to make its way to the Play Store relatively soon. You can join the Apex Launcher Beta group from the Google Groups link below.

Google Experience Launcher download links: Google Play 4.0, Google Launcher, Google Search

Source: Google Groups

Via: Phone Arena