Android 4.4 launcher now available for download

Android 4.4 launcher

After the launch of Android 4.4 last afternoon, it was only a matter of time until developers made their way inside the ROM and made it public for all. As a result of that, we now have the full launcher of Android 4.4 leaking out as anĀ APK file along with Google Now and Google Play Services. This will pretty much make your Android 4.1+ device look like the freshly announced KitKat version of Android.

Of course not all features will be present here, but it’s still a big deal to have a feel of the latest Android release less than a day since its launch. Some users are claiming that the Google Search app is slightly non-functional at this point of time with reports of force closing. But there seems to be an easy workaround to this issue with users having to change the default language from the settings and reverting back again. Head over to the link below to flash these apk files to your Jelly Bean smartphone/tablet. Make sure you let us know how the process went.

Download Links: Launcher, Google Play Services, Google Now

Via: Android Community

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  1. Very misleading article…a full launcher implies a full version of 4.4 installed which apparently it is not

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