Android 4.4 KitKat leaked for T-Mobile Moto X


We’ve seen plenty of unofficial Android 4.4 ROMs for various devices in the past few days. Now, it looks like the T-Mobile Moto X might be the first device for which an official – albeit unfinished – Android 4.4 build ┬áhas leaked, giving users a chance to break off a piece of the KitKat bar before the official update arrives.

The leaked build seems to be in extremely early stages of development (unsurprising, Google unveiled Android 4.4 very recently). It still has the blue status bar icons from Jelly Bean instead of white ones, and there are issues with calls and data, though most issues are said to be fixable after a factory reset. Most of Android 4.4’s features seem to be present, however, and updates to┬áTouchless Control, Active Display, and the camera app are included as well.

You’ll need an unlocked bootloader in order to flash the ROM, before proceeding to boot into fastboot mode, connecting to a computer, and running an installation script. As always, the usual warnings associated with trying out test builds apply here (take backups, being open to the possibility of your device turning into a paperweight), and you can find all the details at the source link.

Source: XDA