Amazon AppStore for Android gets a new refresh

Amazon AppstoreThe Amazon Appstore app on Android has just gone through a facelift of sorts, bringing smoother navigation and better controls. Some redesigning has been done too, making way for an overall refreshed design. The new update brings the app more on par with what we see on Kindle Fire devices, so it’s clear what Amazon is trying to do.

Since the app isn’t available through the Play Store (thanks to Google), the Amazon Appstore can be downloaded directly from its website as an apk and then installed on the device of your choice. Users will receive an update notification within the app if they’re running an older version, which is quite neat too and understandable since the update isn’t coming from Google’s servers. Hit the source link below to download the Amazon Appstore on your Android device, as they’re offering a paid app for free every day, something which Google Play rarely does.

Source: Amazon

Via: 9 to 5 Google

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