Alleged metal casing of the Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks out

Galaxy S5 Metal CasingThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is still some distance away from launch, but we’re already hearing bits and pieces of information regarding the smartphone. A new leak has now revealed the alleged metal frame of the Galaxy S5. The leaked image comes from a subcontractor hired by Samsung for the production of these casings. It’s still early days and far from being confirmed, so we’ll take this with a pinch of salt.

There has been talk that Samsung is discussing terms with metal casing suppliers for the next Galaxy flagship, but it was later claimed that Samsung would rather go with the faux leather back casing like it did with the Galaxy Note 3. So the jury is certainly still out on this one, but it shouldn’t surprise us if Samsung launches an all metal Galaxy S5, with a removable back cover of course. Hit the source link below for more images of this alleged casing of the next Samsung flagship and judge for yourself.

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Via: Talk Android