Additional Solution to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem

Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem

There are so many users complaining about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 slow charging problem. In addition to the possible solutions discussed in the article titled Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem [How To Fix], this article will provide another way to solve the issue.

Cable Problem

Adam Davidson, one of our avid readers, sent us a message in The Droid Guy Mailbag suggesting that the cable of the charger has a strong effect in its charging time.

According to him, he already tried the solutions that we have mentioned in our previous article about this subject like buying a new charger, checking the battery, plugging the charger directly to an electrical outlet, closing apps running in the background, lowering the display and others. However, he still kept encountering the Galaxy Note 2 slow charging problem. So, that led him to believe that it must be the cable, which turned out to be true.

He found out that substandard cables usually found in online shops charge about 1/8 slower than premium ones. So, he decided to use premium cables instead which increased his charging time dramatically.

The Reason

Usually, the materials used in cheap or substandard cables have lesser electrical conductivity due to their strong resistance rate which negatively affects the effective passage of energy from the main power source to your device.

How to Test Charging Time

It is highly recommended that you use apps like the Galaxy Charging Current Pro to test out the rate in which your phone is charging. While selecting a charger in a store, you can use apps like the above-mentioned to see whether the charger that you are planning to buy will give you a fast charging rate or not.

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One Reply to “Additional Solution to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Slow Charging Problem”

  1. I haven’t read in these articles the importance of cleaning out the small input on the actual device. Over time that area gets full of dust and gunk and even a little bit of corrosion. This blocks some of the pins that carry electrical current.

    The guys at the AT&T store told me to just use compressed air, but I find you need to (carefully!) get in there with something small and clean out the garbage. What I do, is take off all the cotton on the end of a q-tip. Then flatten the q-tip as much as possible (with my teeth or a hammer or a pliers). Dip the flattened end in some rubbing alcohol and then clean out the input on the device. You’ll be amazed at the crap that comes out of there.

    I’ve had slow charging (or no charging at all) on a few occasions over the years and this always fixes the problem. Hope that helps some people!

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