97% of the mobile malware spotted in Q3 belong to Android

Android Malware

The rise of malware infestations on Android devices has been a major concern for a long time now. And while it has come down substantially thanks to better security features, it is still prominent in the most widely used mobile operating system. According to a new report from F-Secure, the number has increased in Q3 with over 259 cases of malware infestations across all mobile platforms. Out of these, 252 belong to Android, which accounts to about 97% of all devices. Surprisingly, the rest of the 7 malware issues were found in Nokia’s now forgotten Symbian OS, with iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone showing no reports of infestation whatsoever. The most prominent bug of these is the SMSSpy (Trojan) which basically intercepts text messages associated with the users’ personal bank accounts.

The only way to fight such malware is to restrict yourself from downloading apps via third party sources. The Play Store isn’t quite safe either as there’s every possibility of a malicious app making it there, so make sure you read the app permissions carefully before downloading anything from the Play Store as well. With technology coming so far ahead, we would have expected most of these issues to be sorted out by now, but it seems like there’s still some work left to be done.

Source: F-Secure

Via: GSM Arena