13.3-inch Samsung tablet also in the works

A new 13.3-inch Samsung tablet may be on the way, according to a report from Korean media. This is in addition to the 12.2-inch tablet that has also been circulating in the rumor mill lately. Both tablets are supposedly destined to be part of Samsung’s 2014 tablet lineup.

13.3-inch Samsung tablet
13.3-inch Samsung tablet

New strategy

The same source indicates that Samsung is shifting gears in the coming year, and will concentrate on developing devices for the low-end and mid-range market segments. Samsung, it would be recalled, has been criticized for releasing a lot of devices of various sizes and price points to cater to a wide range of consumers. Additionally, its 2013 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, did not do so well in sales.

Samsung foresees that this year, its smartphone sales will only reach 300 to 310 million units. This number will possibly increase only 20% in the coming year, with 126 million of the sales coming from the high-end devices like the Galaxy S5, and the Galaxy Note products. As for tablets, Samsung says that it expects to ship around 40 to 42 million units this year. This figure represents a 100% increase from the figures they recorded last year.

Because of the dwindling high-end sales, Samsung will reportedly abandon its old strategy in 2014 and focus its efforts on a smaller group of low- to mid-range devices. With this new strategy in place, the South Korean electronics giant aims to perform better in sales.

13.3-inch Samsung tablet

Due to its large display, the 13.3-inch Samsung tablet will try to compete against the laptop and desktop computers, particularly those which are aimed for business or productivity use.

ET News surmises that the large slate could be previewed as early as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. The device may be the Galaxy Tab 2014 that had been rumored before. Such tablet could have the capability to dual-boot Android and Windows RT. Details are still scarce regarding what kind of hardware or features the device will offer.

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