ZENDURE Crush Proof External Batteries Gets Kickstarter Funding

There are lots of external battery options for mobile devices available in the market today however none of them could boast of being crush-proof and retain almost 95% of its charge even if it isn’t used for 6 months. ZENDURE is an external battery that has both these characteristics and even more.

ZENDURE started out as a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of reaching $30,000. The campaign just ended with pledges reaching $216,230 which goes to prove that there are a lot of people out there interested in this product.

This external battery is now ready for pre-order and will ship out starting this December. There are four options to choose from.

  • A3 External Battery (9,600 mAh) $49
  • A4 External Battery (12,800 mAh) $69
  • A5 External Battery (16,000 mAh) $89
  • Limited Edition Glow External Battery (17,000 mAh) $99

One interesting feature of this device is that it allows users to charge their devices while the external battery is also charged. This is possible since it uses charge-through technology which isn’t available in other external battery models. A lot of people who have bought external batteries assume that it can charge a device while it is being charged itself which isn’t usually the case.

The ZENDURE is has an 80% efficiency rating as compared to 70% for most other brands. This means that the typical A3 battery that is rated at 9,600 mAh can hold 10% more charge than other 9,600 mAh external batteries.

The A5 external battery model charge capabilities on popular devices is as follows

  • Apple iPhone 4, 4S or 5: 8.5 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 5.7 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S IV: 4.6 times
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: 4.8 times
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II: 3.9 times
  • Amazon Kindle Fire: 2.7 times
  • Apple iPad 1 or 2: 1.8 times
  • Apple iPad 3 or 4: 1 time
  • Apple iPad mini: 2.7 times
  • HTC One X+:  5.7 times
  • Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX: 3.6 times
  • LG Optimus G Pro: 3.8 times
  • Apple iPod Nano 7th Gen: 54 times
  • Apple iPod Touch 5th Gen: 11.5 times
  • GoPro Hero 3: 11.5 times
  • Sony PSP: 6.6 times

If you are looking for an external battery to power up your mobile devices then this product is worth checking out.

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