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YouTube Details Future Offline Playback Option

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In September, YouTube announced that a future update coming to the iOS and Android apps would be coming in November that would allow you to cache videos for offline viewing. That was all they gave us at the time, but today they’ve revealed more details on the feature, including how long you’ll be able to store the videos.

According to YouTube, you will be able to download videos to the app directly into a section in the sidebar aptly named “on device”. Once you download the video, you will have 48 hours of unblocked viewing. After 48 hours, though, you’ll have to reconnect to the Internet in order to keep watching the videos. So if you go on an extended vacation and are without a connection for more than two days, try a different app that doesn’t have limits.

Even though you may not be able to watch the videos if you can’t connect to the internet for more than 48 hours, the videos will remain on your device, meaning you won’t have to download them again. That’s especially good news if you manage to get a connection, even if it’s something as slow as 2G.

Unfortunately, YouTube will not allow you to cache movies that they have available to rent, so if you wanted to rent something on YouTube to watch on a plane, you can’t. So just use iTunes or Google Play instead, depending on if you’re on iOS or Android. If you are offline and someone submits a takedown request to a video you downloaded, when you reconnect to the internet, it will be removed from your device.

We don’t have any screenshots of the feature at this time, as we’re still about a month out from the update’s probable release. But when we get some, we’ll share them with you. Now, will you be using this feature when it’s released?

Source: YouTube “Add To Device” FAQs

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