Verizon letting upgrading customers retain unlimited data plans, again


Late last month, an error in Verizon’s internal system allowed upgrading customers retain unlimited data plans. Verizon was quick to clarify this as an error and fixed it at the earliest, while honoring upgrades which went through during the short period. This was a nice gesture from Verizon and was appreciated by all.

But it now seems like the glitch is back, as some upgrading customers on Verizon were able to keep their unlimited data plan like last month. Again, we’re not sure if this is deliberate or another glitch, but if you’re looking to upgrade your device on Verizon, now is the ideal time. Droid-Life mentions that the Verizon plan setup page freely allows for the existing unlimited plans to be retained with no mention or pop up about those plans being invalid. Considering that this is happening the second time, it could well be deliberate. Verizon is yet to comment on this and we hope the carrier won’t change its mind this time around.

Via: Droid-Life

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