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Verizon HTC One Finally Gets S-Off Treatment


Verizon HTC One users who are looking to get their device S-Off are finally able to with today’s release by XDA members jduck and beaups. This means that Verizon HTC One users will finally be able to completely mod their phone, throwing custom ROMs, custom recoveries, and much more.

The method, called Rumrunner S-Off, is now available to download on the XDA-Developers website. As always, you want to read about the process first before actually going hands-on. The developers do note that you need to be running either Linux or Windows to complete this process, as well as on 100% stock before you start the tool. This means that you should not have tinkered with your HTC One in any way if you want this process to go smoothly.

Source: XDA-Developers


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