How to Use the PS3 Controller to the Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy a4 and ps3 controller

A couple of months ago, we have shown you how to use the Xbox 360 controller to your Samsung Galaxy S4. Now, we will show you how you will be able to play some of your favorite Galaxy S4 games using your PS3 controller.

Things You Will Need

In order for this to work, your Galaxy S4 must be rooted. Then, you should have an original PS3 controller. Lastly, you will need a USB on the Go Cable.

So far, this is the only cable that I know of that is compatible with the PS3 controller and the Galaxy S4. But feel free to try out any product that you think is more effective. If you are wondering where you can find this type, just search for it in Amazon. It is very cheap because it only costs a Dollar or so.

Using the PS3 Controller to the Samsung Galaxy S4

Simply follow the steps below to successfully use your PS3 controller in your Galaxy S4:

1. Connect the USB on the Go Cable to the adapter port of the Galaxy S4.

2.  Link the USB on the Go Cable to the PS3 controller using the PS3 USB cable.

3. Download and install the Sixaxis Controller app from Play Store. It should cost you only a few Dollars.

4. Open the app and tap Start.

5. Select the Change IME option.

6. Change the input method to Sixaxis Controller.

7. Tap the Pair Controller menu.

8. When the Bluetooth address of the Galaxy S4 shows up, tap the Pair button followed by OK when the confirmation message appears.

9. Wait for the automated process to finish.

10. Once the “Master Address Updated” message shows up, press the Menu key of your device and tap Preferences.

11. You may configure the Settings at this point depending on your preferences or you may also opt to leave it as it is.

12. Go to Gamepad Settings.

13. Tap Enable Gamepad.

14. Go back to the Home screen using the Home button.

15. Remove the USB cables which are connected to the Galaxy S4 and PS3 controller.

16. Now, you can use the left joystick of the PS3 controller to navigate the Home screen. That means you are ready to use it.

17. Open any compatible game like Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto, NFS or others and enjoy playing.

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