Two Versions of CyanogenMod Coming Soon, Community and Pro Edition

During the recently held Big Android BBQ 2013 (BABBQ) event the CyanogenMod team announced that there will soon be two versions of the popular CyanogenMod ROM. This will allow more users to enjoy it as it will now cater to both beginners and advanced Android users. The upcoming ROMs are the “Community Edition” and the “Pro Edition”.


If you are using CyanogenMod on your Android device today then this is the Community edition which is made for advanced Android users.  Installing this ROM requires that you root your device and then flash the ROM. This allows users the most control over the device as users will be able to do almost anything with it.

Community Edition Features

  • Designed for hackability
  • User debug
  • Signed with well-known keys
  • Root enabled by default
  • Community driven
  • Highly flexible system updater

The Pro Edition name is somewhat confusing since at first I thought it was for those professional Android users and that a certain fee has to be paid in order to use it. In fact, it is also a free ROM that’s aimed at beginners. This is meant for those who have no experience in rooting or flashing Android devices. This version comes with its own easy to use CyanogenMod installer.

Pro Edition Features

  • Designed for security
  • Signed with private keys
  • Simplified, automatic updater
  • Built on top of OSS project
  • Root is off, but easy to enable
  • New releases every two weeks

Aside from these version specific features the latest CyanogenMod ROM will also come with new features that will be available on both versions such as

  • Specific APIs to give developers access to CyanogenMod specific function
  • Remote Display Framework: That should be possible to transfer content wirelessly from your phone to other screens.
  • Live Folders display interactive content on the home screen, for example, recently led discussions.
  • Unified Messaging: With a new news app not only SMS and Hangouts are to be united, but all intelligence services. For example, Live Folders will intelligently remember someone you have contacted recently and the service you used to contact them (Hangouts, GMAIL, Text Message) and will open this automatically.

via cyanogenmod