Troubleshooting Samsung Galaxy Note 2 That’s Unable To Send / Receive Emails


Among the most common problems that plagued Samsung Galaxy Note 2 owners was the issue of not being able to send or receive email messages. Everybody knows it is not really a major problem, in fact, no connectivity is often the cause. But for new and non-savvy owners, it is very inconvenient.

This troubleshooting guide will cover POP3, IMAP, and Corporate email. But before anything else, here are the possible causes of the problem.

Possible Causes

  • There is no active internet connection.
  • Your login credentials are not correct.
  • Servers are too busy.
  • The email app / client is not responding.
  • Your phone is not responding.
  • Firmware or app needs updating.


To be able to resolve the problem, you don’t need to have expert knowledge. All you need to do is check on some settings. Remember that if you were receiving email messages before and it stopped for no apparent reason, it is more likely that you need to change a setting or two. To guide you through this debacle, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Reboot your phone. Yes, take a minute of your time rebooting your phone. If it is a temporary device problem, there is a great chance a reboot could resolve it. Otherwise, continue with the rest of the steps but I hope you understand the importance of this step.

Step 2: Check internet connection. If you’re using mobile data, make sure your device is connected to the network and is receiving good signal. In case of WiFi connection, it is advisable you disconnect from the network and reconnect. Launch your browser and surf through your favorite websites to know if you can. Otherwise, you should focus on troubleshooting your internet connection rather than your email settings.

Step 3: Check your credentials. Assuming you have an active internet connection, try to login to webmail using your credentials–this is applicable for POP3 and IMAP accounts. If you can login successfully, create a test message and send it to your own email address to confirm if you can send and receive emails at the same time. For those who are using a corporate email account, you have your IT or tech support to help you verify your credentials. Once you got them verified, do the same; send a test message to yourself.

Step 4: Check email settings. With your credentials verified, double-check the setting on your email app. You would need your username, password, incoming and outgoing mail servers. For corporate email accounts, you might need more information like port numbers for both incoming and outgoing servers. Using the email app in your phone, you would also need to create a test message to yourself to confirm that both servers are working fine.

Step 5: Clear cache and data. In case none of the steps above could solve the problem, it is safe to assume that it’s the email app that has a problem. The next necessary thing to do is to clear the app’s cached data. Go to Settings => Application Manager => Email => tap both Clear Cache and Clear Data. Remember, you would lose all your settings and previous messages when you do this. It’s advised you back every message you got first before doing this step.

Step 6: Update firmware / app. Check if there is available update for both your email app and the firmware installed on your device. If there is, take time to download them and see if that would solve the problem.

Step 7: Phone problem. Be observant enough. Check to see if the phone lags from time to time or if it becomes unresponsive every time you open the email app. If so, it could be the phone that’s having some problems and not the app. The worst case scenario is that you would be required to do a factory reset.

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  1. My Galaxy Note 2 has suddenly decided to receive emails, but not let me open them! When I click on them (new or old emails) the infuriating little spinner just spins indefinitely. If I try to send an email it let’s me enter address and subject, but the cursor refuses to go to text box.
    If I clear cache and data on my phone, will they remain on my tablet and laptop? It would be pretty catastrophic if everything disappears from all devices! How do I go about doing this?

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