Time to Say Goodbye: Top Tips for Recycling Your Android Phone

cell-phone-stackNo matter how top-of-the-range your Android handset is when you first buy it, it’s inevitable that your mobile will begin to show its age eventually. When upgrade time comes around, don’t just dump your phone in the nearest bin; phone recycling offers an environmentally friendly route that can earn you some cash to put towards your next mobile.

How phone recycling works

Your ageing Android mobile may seem slow and out-of-date to you, but it’s still packed with complex, nearly-new electronics that someone else can take advantage of. Send off your Android mobile to a phone recycling scheme and it will either be sold on, somewhere else in the world, often in a developing nation, or will be broken down into component parts and safely recycled into other materials.

Rather than adding to a landfill pile somewhere on the planet, by recycling your phone, you can ensure that it’s disposed of in a way that meets government standards and benefits other people at the same time. You can leave all of the hard work to the phone recycling service of your choice, which leaves you to simply pick up the cash.

Assess your phone

When you send off your phone for recycling, you’re going to need to provide as much detail about it as possible. You will have to provide the make and model name, and may well need to supply the IMEI, International Mobile Station Equipment Identity, number. On most handsets, you can find this by typing ‘#06#’ on the keypad.

You’ll also need to provide details of any damage to the phone and a list of all the accessories, such as a charger, that you still have. Some companies will accept damaged or even broken phones, but it’s important that you make this clear right from the outset. Failure to do so could result in you receiving substantially less money than you were expecting.

Once you’ve got together the required information about your handset and its associated headphones, cables and docks, you can shop around the various phone recycling schemes to get the best price possible.

Shop around

There are plenty of phone recycling services to pick from, and most offer a similar level of service. Make sure you check the small print when it comes to postage costs and accepting damaged phones, as this is where some differences begin to emerge.

Your mobile network may offer a recycling service, so it’s always worth asking, as they may be willing to offer a reward for your loyalty, by offering preferential rates. While third party companies may offer great deals on the surface, it’s imperative to dig a little deeper and ensure that you are dealing with a reputable business, by assessing how long the organisation has been trading, as well as reading customer testimonials online. If you’re still unsure, you can recycle your phone with Virgin Media and other such reputable mobile network operators.

 Beneath the surface

Most services will have a front-end website where you can simply tap in the details of your Android phone and get a price. Remember though, this is an estimate. You’ll also need to provide information about any damage to the handset and any accessories that you can send along with it.

Find a price and a company that you’re happy with, remembering that how much you’ll get paid is only part of the equation. The customer service experience and little extras, like the company making a donation to a charity on your behalf, should all be taken into consideration.

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