T-Mobile offering the Galaxy Note 3 and the LG G2 with zero down payment

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3

As we all know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has formally arrived on T-Mobile while the AT&T and Sprint variants are launching in a couple of days. T-Mobile is now offering the smartphone with an attractive zero down payment scheme, where users won’t have to pay a dime while purchasing the smartphone, but the carrier will make up for it through monthly installments. This is a great deal as T-Mobile initially offered to sell the Galaxy Note 3 for $199.99 up front. This promotion is valid only for “qualified” buyers, so getting approved might prove to be a hard ask if you have a bad credit. As you’re paying absolutely nothing up front, it’s almost obvious that T-Mobile will recover the cost from your monthly rentals for the duration of two years.

It’s not only the Galaxy Note 3 that the carrier is offering though. The Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note II and the LG G2 are up for grabs under the zero down payment promotion as well. With so many flagships to choose from, we won’t be surprised if the customers are spoiled for choice. Head over to the link below to choose the best handset for yourself.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Android Guys