Sony’s dedicated PlayStation app hitting Android in November

Sony Logo

With Sony all set for the launch of the PlayStation 4 gaming console, it will also launch companion apps on major mobile platforms to bring streaming support and several other features to handheld devices. And this companion app will start making its way to the Google Play Store starting from November 13th in the U.S. with European Android devices slated to get the app from November 22. The app brings the ability to resume and replay a game from the console on your mobile device thanks to Remote Play, so you can basically pick up from where you left off. It seems like users will need to be signed up to the PlayStation Network to access this feature.

The app should be available for all Android devices so it won’t be limited to Sony smartphones, but we’re sure the company will pack in some exclusives for Sony smartphone owners as well. We’re eagerly looking forward to the launch of the new PS console as well as the app next month. This could certainly give Sony a upper hand against Microsoft’s XBOX One which is launching around the same time later this year.

Source: IGN

Via: Android Community